Rural apartments with the category of 3 keys, in the Park of Fuentes del Narcea, near the Biosphere Reserve of Muniellos x


The apartments are located within the region of Fuentes del Narcea, located in the southwestern corner of Asturias, It is a mountainous area of ​​great natural beauty where you can perform many activities. Below we summarize the main attractions of the region.


-Reserva natural integral de Muniellos:

Biosphere Reserve (declared by UNESCO in the year 2000) which has one of the most important sessile oak forests in Europe. Inside reside endangered species such as the capercaillie or the Brown Bear cantábrico. His visit is restricted to 20 people a day because of its high degree of protection. It has an interpretive center that is very close to the house.



Natural Park of Fuentes del Narcea, Degaña and Ibias:

natural park where is located the house. It is a vast protected area of ​​great natural beauty and landscape that allows your enjoyment through the many existing hiking routes. To highlight the Long Distance Path GR-203 where you walk Bear to find out the entire park along 16 stages over 300 km long in total.

-Partial Natural Reserve of Cueto Arbás:

Small protected space next to the winter resort of Leitariegos where a lake of glacial origin of great beauty is located at the base of Cueto of Arbás, roof of the region with its more than 2000 m altitude.


-Historic town of Cangas del Narcea:

Enjoy the old quarter of the capital of Asturias Suroccidente, with its many palaces, the basilica and the neighborhood Ambasaguas, special beauty to stand at the confluence of the rivers Narcea and Luiña.

In addition to all the assets in this villa you will have all the necessary services during your stay, as well as a lively commercial and leisure area throughout the year.

Monastery of Corias:

Building the future will Parador (the largest network of Paradores), It is the most prominent building in the region, both for its monumentality and its content, harboring altarpieces and sculptures of great value.

-Santuario del Acebo:

This is one of the most important pilgrimage centers of Asturias. Also from this point you can enjoy magnificent views of the whole council.


-Variety of museums and interpretive centers throughout the entire region of Fuentes del Narcea, as well as places of great heritage interest.

-Craftsmen specialists wickerwork, performing madreñas, black pottery, Cunqueiros…etc

-Unica wine region of Asturias, the Wine Quality Cangas

-Excellent cuisine specialist in Asturian veal, embedded, pan …etc.


In the environment you can enjoy many sports related to nature such as hiking, Mountain bike, horse trails, descenso en piraguas ..

There is also a Karting in the area for motor enthusiasts (karting Cibuyo)

Likewise, in the winter you can enjoy winter sports in the winter resort that is located Leitariegos 40 kilometers from the house.

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